Transferred Isolation

I found you alone
Isolated and protected in a dangerous land
Afraid and hesitant
Never allowing us to stay out too late
Avoiding large groups
Wary of protests and rallies
In time however
You opened to me and the world
Finding your passion
Exploring possibilities
Adventures of both sorts
After being captive for too long
Fear transferred and assimilated
It is I who became trapped
Frozen in my (our) home
Thousands of miles away
Succumbing to the father of jealousy
Keeping to myself tightly
I no longer see you
Hiding in broad daylight
Or invisible to blinded eyes
Sitting within four walls
Caged by a mutual dream
I now find me alone
Isolated and protected
Afraid and hesitant
Adventure restrained
Self changed
Both renamed
I know neither of us
Gone now
I listen for whispers unspoken
Venturing nowhere
You know not where I live
Nor do you ask
Neither alone nor afraid

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