Purpose, vision, five-year plan
Original thought, idea, contribution
Inkling, initiative, entrepreneurship

Access, process, distill
Reveal, expose, pursue
Rewrite, summarize, analyze

Infinite access, finite time
Consumption, production
Research, creativity
Curiosity, focus

Went walking. Looked up. Breathed in. Fell to the ground. Stood up. Went walking. Stopped. Leaned back. Fell. Stood up. Turned around. Stood still. Tried again. Cried. Fell to the ground. Sat still. Waited. Tried again. Tried again. Breathed in. Tried again.

Purpose, vision, two-year plan, original thought, idea, innovation, contribution, inkling, initiative, entrepreneurship, access, process, distill, document, reveal, expose, pursue, rewrite, organize, summarize, analyze, production, creativity, focus

Discover, listen, observe
Optimism, smile, paralysis
Invention, inspiration, motivation

Kept it up. Didn’t break. Told stories. Kept walking. Went. Got up. Turned the corner. Fell down. Slept. Stopped. Woke up. Begged. Prayed. Tried again. Tried again. Breathed out. Tried again.


Marry a Barber

Slowly polite upon my arrival
She asks for preferences
Smiling nervously
Aiming to please

Scissors flit closely
No fears arise
Open upward beneath cloth
Palms and fingertips relax

Pushes my ear
Shifts my neck
Speaks through gesture
Eyes closed

Light breeze
Intermittent goose bumps
Yes a bit shorter please
Background playlist must have ended

Hair wash
Dim room
Did I say every six weeks?
I meant three